Will Calhoun

Will Calhoun jammin with the Grombal

Will Calhoun - Living Color     "I'm a total cymbal snob, and I prefer handmade.

I recently discovered Stanton Moore's Crescent Cymbal package and found it to blend beautifully with my style and wants. Well, naturally, they don't give away these remarkable cymbals, so after my investment, I wanted to protect not only their integrity, but sound quality. My bassist, who refurbishes stringed instruments at a local shop, handed me The Grombal to try. I installed them, played them, and haven't been more relieved with any piece of drum hardware since. The design just makes sense. Quick set up, reliable set up, great support for my 'butter pies", and they enhance sound quality overall. Not to mention I never need to crawl around beneath my kit with an iPhone light looking for the sleeve, felt or wing-nut I inevitably drop."